We create concepts for a creative supporting programme for you and with you, from the small company event to the mega-festival. You will receive artists who have been tested and selected by us and we guarantee their ability and professionalism.


We are partners in selecting the right artists for your event.

Extra-ordinary service
We are committed to fulfilling extra-ordinary customer requests. Would you like Mariachi artists playing at a wedding or a country band at a village festival or perhaps glass musicians at a corporate event? We strive to make your wishes come true.

There are numerous occasions throughout the year that require careful preparation – from each of the organisers, the family members and from us, your partner. We would love to sit down with you, plan with you and make the seemingly impossible come true for you.

Put us to the test – we have the experience, a vast network and the patience to successfully make your dream event come true.


Party- Showbands

We have dance- and partybands, which will get you in the party mood.

Four to six musicians, a band with a goal: to create the right atmosphere and entertain the audience.

We have musicians who love music and want to share it with the audience. It doesnt matter if it’s at congresses, company parties, private jubilees, proms, christmas parties or weddings.

Due to their broad repertoire, the bands are able to respond to the audience and satisfy the different music tastes. In a talk before the event, the different tastes in music are talked about and assorted, so that the expectations can match the feasibility.



During an event, DJs should offer the audience enjoyable music and entertain as well, in their own respective style. They put great importance on playing a well balanced mix of familiar songs and on finding the right music to follow, to keep the program interesting. They must meet the audience’s taste or affect their mood, in keeping with the theme of the event.We cooperate with many different DJs which share their love for music, the challenge of capturing the audience’s emotions at the right moment and bonding the audience with the music.



Rock´n Roll and Rockabilly

Rockn Roll is a way of life that our selected artists live before and after the show!



Jazz, Soul RnB and Jazz

Jazz has an unbroken history of about 150 years. MusicArtsVienna provides numerous forms of music in this field: from New Orleans Jazz to Dixieland, from Swing to Bebop and Cool Jazz. In the most diverse formations, we are able offer you the most popular jazz directions.

MusicArtsVienna has access to several Jazz Quartets, which we would be happy to organise for you in the style of your choice. There are countless ways of making excellent use of them, for example at side events, Christmas parties, concerts, gallery openings or birthday celebrations.


Classical music

For every époque, we offer the perfect musical solution:

  • Late Medieval to Baroque music
  • Early and Viennese Classical
  • Music of the Romantic period

We offer different ensembles:

From the salon orchestra to piano soloists, piano & violin duets, flute or string quartets, string quintets or nonets, guitar quartets to chamber ensembles.

To surprise your guests or as preparation to the Band or DJ, we also offer cross over versions that combine popular music of the 19th century (Strauss, Lanner, Schrammel) with e.g. film or tango music.



“Schrammelmusik” is a typical Viennese music genre of the late 19th century. It is considered to be the traditional music of Vienna and was named after Johann and Josef Schrammel, both Viennese musicians, violinists and composers. In 1878 they founded a small ensemble in Vienna together with guitarist Anton Strohmayer, playing folk repertoire in wine taverns and restaurants including songs and marches, dances and waltzes. This tradition lives on today.


Elvis Impersonator

Elvis is still alive – is the first impression that you receive when Jürgen Höchtl known as JJ King appears on the scene.. his looks and his music rekindles the memories oft he king of Rock’n’Roll.

Already in his childhood Jürgen developed an interest for the Elvis style of music and his songs. Jürgen is born into a family of musicians, and had all the prerequisites to sharpen his performance skills through vocal training to sound just like the King. Thus he was very sucessful with his first act where he impersonated Elvis Presley.

Additional vocal trinings , outstanding original costumes, gigs in the USA characterized his career and he developed his style as one of the „down-to-earth“ Elvis impersonators. He is bookable as solo artist, with a quintet or orchestra.


Ballroom Dancing

By “Ballroom Music” we mean music which belongs to the official 10 Standard and Latin American dances, determined by the number of beats per minute (BPM ), and with different dance rhythms. We co-operate with ensembles and orchestras which will gladly play your requests.

At events, soft dinner music is often played at the beginning, before the dance floor is “rocked”.

Should you decide on dance music for your event we will keep the volume at a pleasant level, and we will ensure a smooth transition from dinner music to the dance music of your choice.

We can offer live dance music in different forms e.g. a Quartet or Septet line-up.

Our repertoire includes songs suitable for the standard dances like Slow Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot and Quickstep. Fans of Latin American dances such as Rumba, Cha-cha-cha, Samba and Jive, will also be thrilled to hear music which they can dance to as well. We will find the right live music for your dance-crazy audience.


Natalia, saxophonist and singer

Natalia is an aspiring young sax player and singer. Her energetic performances, charismatic stage presence and extravagant outfits make her performance become the highlight of any event!

Professional, beautiful and debonaire: this is how Natasha captivates any audience. She will create a breath-atmosphere with soulful ballads, or party with the audience, improvising to the beats of a DJ.

Originally from Ukraine, she studied at the famous KUG university in Graz (A), and has long since become an insider tip in the Austrian music scene.


Lady Sunshine & Mister Moon, Revue from 1920 until 1960

The duo Lady Sunshine & Mister Moon takes the audience on a journey through time into the Golden era of German music, when the word Schlager (hits) was still used for popular songs.

Lively and energetic the two qualified musical performers make the unforgettable meldoies of the „good old times“ arise in a unique, charming to cheeky way. A journey into the world of the most beautiful hits oft he 20s to the early 60s. With very different choreographies, magic tricks and costume change the two qualified musical performers present the unforgettable melodies of „the good old times“. Their program brings a touch of Berlin night club, when songs like „Lili Marleen“, „Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt“ or „Ich küsse ihre Hand, Madame“ are supported by the classic piano, by authentic half-playbacks or by the Good Morning orchestra. Lady Sunshine & Mister Moon create a unique event, which transmits the joy of life to the audience!



We are partners in selecting the right artists for your event.


Acrobatic traditions have left their mark throughout the world. The essence of acrobatics is the absolute mastery of the human body. Humankind has always been fascinated by the courage of the performers, the perceived ability to defy gravity and the seemingly effortless movement in what the viewer sees as weightless space. At MusicArtsVienna, you can book our acrobats on stilts and ground or air acrobats.

Acrobatic arts have recently become even more extensive in range, thanks to improved training methods and modern, ultra-technical materials that have increased the security of the acrobats. Whereas 100 years ago performances consisted mainly of jugglers, tightrope walkers, strength acrobats, today there are many different acrobatic performances to choose from, which can be booked regardless of the event location:

Aerial acrobatics: trapeze, vertical rope, aerial silk, aerial straps, rings, high bar, wire and rod acrobatics, rope acrobatics / high wire.

Floor acrobatics: strength acrobatics such as handstand acrobatics, slow-motion acrobatic, or contortionists.



In the history of humanity there was always been the painting of the body with colored materials. For the Indians, and among the inhabitants of Papua New Guinea, the body painting was put on special festive occasions such as initiation celebrations, funerary feast, hunts or healing ceremonies. The painting was firstly considered aesthetically pleasing and signaled on the other hand the social position of a tribal member.

The possible meanings of these signs were, or still are:

  • Jewelry of the body
  • Protection against external influences, demons and magic
  • Protecting the body from insects
  • medical hygienic purposes
  • camouflage
  • mourning
  • war Paint
  • identification

In or modern world the circus artists had deveoped a special form of body paint: the clown .In the 1960s we had a revival of body painting:

Body Art: The body is a medium or Artwork

A BodyPainting is a lot of work and is often underestimated. The skin of an human body has medically a surface aerea of 2 m2.

A full body BodyPaint takes approximately 4 hours, depending on the subject, a torso BodyPaint are about 1 1/2 – 2 hours to quote!

Will not you even stand model, a model is still needed.


Pantomime is a form of expressive art, wherein the artist does not speak a word. Scenes, objects, locations and characters are mainly expressed through bodily and facial gestures 

To perform as a „living Statue“, often found in pedestrian zones, street artists prefer to use pantomimic elements such as total reduction to only the most essential movements. For the mime, an essential aspect of this art is to work with a mask, not necessarily a literal one, because it creates a distance between the artist and the spectator.


The term “pole dance” refers to a movement which is a type of dance as well as a sport. It is traditionally found in circus acts and is executed with one or more permanently mounted or free-rotating rods. Of particular interest to viewers are the different figures practiced on the pole that don’t seem to be “typical” moves, and indeed are not. A balance of pure physical strength, supported by gravity, produces enough contact pressure not to slip to the ground at all or only in a very controlled way. Some choreography uses head-over-positions, while others bring the human body into seemingly violent rotation around the pole. Sometimes loops are used, depending on the version and interpretation, allowing the athlete to stand sideways on the pole. Special variants of this art involve more than one person or non-suspended rods, giving greater artistic freedom.



Mentalist, Magician, Illusionist

Magic differentiates the mentalist from the magician and the illusionist.

The mentalist observes people very carefully, occupying themselves with mathematics, telepathy and illusion. Above all, they seemingly recognize and know more than their audience. They remember many details, observe connections and react very quickly to permanently changing partners on the stage. This amazes, captivates and creates curiosity.

The illusionist diverts the audience through gestures and creates illusions of awareness. Philipp Oberlohr circulates amongst your guests, creating surprising moments that are way out of the ordinary. At a table or simply from group to group his work touches both the hearts and minds of each individual he performs with. This form doesn’t need a stage or special props, just your wish to provide your guests with a personal, moving experience.

Magic is a profession, by which travelling jesters have made their living and thrilled people for centuries. They served as entertainment to the people. Magicians’ performances today aren’t much different. They are surrounded by magic because they are able to make things appear or disappear, without the viewers’ eyes noticing. The spectator isn’t able to comprehend what happened only a moment previous. This illusion, this “magic” of the unexplainable, has retained its fascination for viewers throughout the centuries, and will likely never cease to amaze people. It transports people away from their everyday life into a different world. By that, viewers are able to see the world through the eyes of children again.


Children program

We develop profiles with our artists so that children feel comfortable.

Whether it is a storyteller who develops stories together with the children or experiences an adventure with Kasperl and his friends and fewer friends – we make children’s eyes shine!

If there is more action in the program, there is a juggling and / or balance workshop, which is usually not only tried out by the little ones.

When it comes to face painting, we offer cool motifs and exciting tattoos in a child-friendly way.


We are partners in selecting the right artists for your event.

We offer new and spectacular forms of dance performances!

If you really want to create a WOW effect, you will require excellent technicians and a giant screen behind the stage for the multimedia show. Smaller stage areas are only allowed after our consultation meeting and signing an agreement. We take no responsibility for any equipment on the stage (e.g. instruments, sound equipment, decorations, etc.).

Lighting: For UV-shows, it should be possible to darken the room entirely; otherwise the UV effect will lose its impact. Dark floors and dark background are also advantageous.

Technical requirements: CD-playing equipment for our music, and 220 Volt electricity connections at the corner of the front of the stage, for the UV lights.


Lightsuit Show

New idea for your party!

The light-dark special effects and amazing choreographies of Lightsuit Shows never fail to fascinate and impress. The location is dark as night and the dancers wear suits with LED threads of different colours, so that the moving bodies create ever-changing curves and shapes. This 5-10 minute show, with a mix of cool music, is “the cherry on the cake” for any event. Our experience is that at least 5-8 dancers should be on stage for the best effects and the most creative choreography.


Jazz and Modern Dance

Jazz and Modern Dance (JMD) are young dance sport types, expressed on the dance floor through a mix of art and sport.

This dance type has experienced several decades of development. Jazz Dance includes elements of African, European and American dance styles. Especially in the US, it was developed through watching and combining dances which were typically “white” or “black” in origin. Many liberated, diverse possibilities arise through the union of modern and jazz dance elements. Our dancers love the crossover notion and have created a unique Austrian variation, with modern dance and “Schuhplatteln”, a traditional dance where the men clap with their shoes. If you prefer, you can instead book a pure traditional dance group or a pure modern dance performance.


Latin dancers

We offer you Brazilian dancers, Tango Argentino , Salsa and Mambo Shows, Merengue and Bachata. We have special dancers for your event.



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